French Tutors Taipei 台北法文家教老師 French Native Speakers in Taipei

November 2013 十一月

Bonjour !

Are you looking for a French Tutor in Taipei ? French Native Speakers in Taipei ?



我會送您的資料給別的法語家教老師們, 他們住在台北市或新北市


  • 年級 :
  • 法文程度 :
  • 您的地點(捷運站) :
  • 星期幾要上課 :
  • .

To know more : About French Tutor in Taipei  關於法文家教老師

I always try to help people, not to take advantage of them


To ask any question related to french, leave a comment below !


3 responses to “French Tutors Taipei 台北法文家教老師 French Native Speakers in Taipei

  1. My daughter has been in Teacher Phil’s
    class for the last 10 weeks. The class
    has been great & inspiring for the kids.
    Teacher Phil is a great teacher because
    he truly cares about the learning of the
    students. Not only the kids are having
    fun and interacting in class, he is also
    very serious about the kids’ learning
    status. If you’re looking for a great
    French Tutor, I highly recommend
    Teacher Phil. However, don’t take my
    word for it, see and experience the
    class for yourself!
    Jacinda’s Mom

  2. Phil loves the teenagers in French class. I am very pleased because Phil has lived in Paris for 30 years and so the children are learning how to speak French with a great accent. The fact that the class is so much fun makes the teens understand and learn – and motivated to learning the material.

  3. I’m one of the students of teacher Phil. Before meeting him, I was told that French is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Since I’d been stayed in the US for over one decade, English becomes my second language which I feel pretty comfortable to use it in my daily life or at work. Phil quickly understood my situation and incorporated it into his teaching methodology. After teaching me basic French phonics, Phil let me understand the similarities between these two languages. Even I’ve been attending his class for only about three months, I’m suprised to see the progress that I made. Thank you very much, Teacher Phil. Merci beaucoup!!


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